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Customer Gallery

Customer Gallery

Welcome to the Giddy Photo Booth online Gallery.  Where you have authorised your images to be published on this site, your template will show*.

All images are supplied on the USB provided to you at the end of the night & Facebook where permission was issued.  No child images will show on Facebook but can be copied from the USB or downloaded from this site.

All Event images will be able to be viewed for 60 days from the day they are initially published.  Once your link expires, you will no longer be able to view - however please contact our team if you need more time - we are often happy to oblige.

For all valid links, you can click on the template, and enter your password - where you will be taken to all the images taken on the night.  These can be downloaded Free Of Charge.  Please see the host of your event for the password.

Please note we are unable to provide passwords for any hosted event.  Please contact your host for access to the images.

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